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Imagine what it would be like to live a procrastination free life

This book  is a real "wake up call" and will provide:

  • An understanding of the physical and emotional costs of procrastination

  • Great exercises that will fuel your passion and have you act today

  • 15 fun and doable strategies that will motivate you on a day-to-day basis

  • 4 Expert Interviews: Case stories of highly successful solopreneurs.

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This is what people say

“Michala has done an amazing job of capturing the wisdom of many masters. Read this book now and you will already be on your way to breaking one the major dream killer patterns.”


- Marcia Wieder , CEO/Founder, Dream University

"I love how Michala Storm talks about energy! Her tips are vitally important, easy to follow and bring and instant increase in feel great. I especially needed her reminders about budgeting my energy since I raise 4 kids as a single mom! Thanks Michala!"   - Diana Dentinger, Founder of Woman of Meaning Gatherings

"Michala Storm has hit on something that everyone is affected by whether it be in their job, relationships or everyday life...procrastination. We all do it, we all hate it, but most of us just don't know how to stop doing it! Michala offers wonderful insight into why we procrastinate and takes it a step further by providing incredibly useful tips and techniques on how to overcome it. As a life coach and a speaker myself, this is best advice I've seen yet on how to move past putting things off and start taking action to create the life of your dreams. After reading this book, I made the decision to start my own dream team and broadcast my goals!"
- Dr. Diane Hindman

"Michala’s e-book was exactly the impetus I needed – at exactly the right time – to get going on a book project I’ve had on the shelf for years now.  Reading her e-book gave me wonderful easy tools to work with and to think through my reasons for procrastinating. 


She is a very accessible and fun-to-read writer. The style is easy and light, but the work can be deep and life-changing.  Another very appealing thing about this book is that you come in contact with Michala’s lovely generous soul.  After sharing with the reader her own 15 great tips, she then includes interviews with five others adding their tips, too.  I loved the many different ideas to choose from.


Thank you, Michala, for helping me get up and get going.”

- Allisson Brewster

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