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What is the ON TRACK map

The ON TRACK map is a holistic planning method for the sensitive, soul-led solopreneur that allows you to quickly:

1)  Your growths spots, and which of the 5 OTM success principles that will help you in making the most progress


2) Plan our your daily, doable practices that will keep you on track with your goals.






THE ON TRACK online course

What you get: 

  1. One 60 minutes coaching call with Michala Storm (worth EURO 1,200)

  2. Access to the ON TRACK map curriculum with daily doable practices for the 5 ON TRACK success principles.

  3. The ON TRACK map journal with more than 70 prompts and suggested daily focus point

  4. Access to the private REMIND Living FB group for support and accountability

  5. Surprise bonuses as you go

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