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What is the REMIND w/Michala Program?

the REMIND w/Michala program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the sensitive, soul-led solopreneur to help increase your flow and energetic well-being so that you get to bring  your soul-work out of your heart and into the world!

Be that for example to finally put pen to paper and write your first book, do your artwork, or set up your holistic


You will learn to apply a set of carefully selected daily doable mental, somatic practices that will have you get rid of your old stories and limiting beliefs.

This program is for you if:

  You are a highly sensitive, soul-led solopreneur and have done quite a bit of inner work.

✅ You want to get into the flow and increase your emotional and energetic well-being.

✅ You have a deep desire to bring your soul-work out in the world in an authentic way.

✅ You are willing to do the inner work, and take a deep dive into your personal stories and limiting beliefs.

✅ You know you could do it alone (you are basically self-led) but you'd much rather get the support that you need from a mentor who walks her talk.

✅ You love to use creativity for your work, you might be a writer, artist, or otherwise creative person

✅ You are holistically minded,  and understand the link between body, mind and soul





The REMIND Curriculum - topics covered

  • SELF-IMAGE - upgrading your self-image

  • INNER CHILD - learn how to mentor your inner child

  • FUTURE SELF - visualize your best future self and implement it into daily practices

  • THE SUBCONSIOUS MIND - learn how to master your subconscious mind by using self-hypnosis

  • RESISTANCE - free up your resistance by uncovering your old stories and limiting beliefs

  • MOTIVATION - dial up your motivation by understanding your values and beliefs

  • ENERGY MANAGEMENT - establish daily practices that will promote more flow and well-being

  • YOUR LEADING ENERGY - understand your energetic leadership style, and lead from the feminine of receiving

  • NERVOUS SYSTEM - understand your defense mechanism and learn how to self-regulate so that you get to stay well balanced and in your personal power








The REMIND Model

The REMIND is a simple model for self-coaching that will have you get back into the flow and increase your

sense of emotional and energetic well-being.


There are 3 guiding principles to the REMIND model.  

Guiding principles:


  1. Call yourself home

  2. Call yourself forth

  3. Process (release as you go)

What you get

When you join the REMIND w/Michala program you get:

  • the REMIND model and it's core curriculum for you to keep

  • Monthly group calls for support 

  • One 40 minutes coaching call with Michala

  • Access to the REMIND FB group for daily support


“The session about energetic leadership style was a real eyeopener to me, if we had not talked

  about the feminine and masculine style, I would still be at war with my writing style.”

   - Hannah the US, artist & writer

"The REMIND w/Michala group coaching program gave me a big energetic boost and helped me clear out some of my old stories.

I gained the clarity that I needed for me to establish a better balance for my solopreneur business and personal life.

As a sensitive person, I truly appreciated the small group which enabled everyone to share their stories, without any kind of judgement. The sharing was very transformative, and by the end of the course, I realized just how much I had missed being in a community of like-minded people." - Marian, Meditation Teacher

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