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Back to Nature retreat located in the South of Zealand near Rødby the gateway to the ferry to Germany.

Click here to book your stay through AirBnB.




If you prefer to sleep under the stars, there are 

pallets for your gear.


If you feel called to get back to nature and connect with yourself for a couple of days, you have the option to purchase an additional:

"TIME TO FLY" journal + guidance session with Michala.






How it works

  1. Click here to book your stay 

  2. Click here to purchase the "TIME TO FLY" session

  3. Get a 40 minutes follow up guidance session (included in your purchase of the "TIME TO FLY" session).

Prior to your stay you will be sent the "TIME TO FLY Journal" for deep self-inquiry.

Upon return from you stay you get to have one 40 minutes guidance session with Michala to implement your take aways from the mini-retreat.

Click here to learn more.





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