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Hi there sensitive, soul-led solopreneur,

I'm Michala, I'm so glad you found your way to my website,

so that we can get to know each other.


In short, I work in the cross field of personal development (mindset coach), and creativity as a writer, and artist (illustrated water color), as well as providing mini-retreats through AirBnB.

I help people just like you - primarily artists, writers and holistic practitioners 


by releasing the inner barriers to success so that you get to feel free,

to have your soul-work out of your heart and into the world,be that writing your first book, painting, or otherwise self-expression.

If you are interested in Human Design, you might also like to know, 

that I'm an Emotional project 2/4, which might explain my obsession with

helping you gain emotional freedom, quite often through creativity.

My philosophy is very simple

I believe that any type of transformation has to begin from the inside out, it all starts with you!

I take a holistic approach to life, and work in the cross field of personal development, holistic planning and 
creative self-expression, using illustrated journals as part of my teaching.

My home is my castle, I live in a charming old cottage in a small beach town north of Copenhagen,
near the ocean and forest, and Louisiana the highly acclaimed Modern Museum of Art.

Journaling and illustration is my preferred medium, I've been an avid journal writer ever since I could hold a pen to paper and include journaling as an optional part in any of my programs.


Those are the values that I live by each day and has me inspired to deliver group-coaching programs,
online courses, journals and mini retreats, as well as customized aroma therapeutic blends to help
increase your energetic well-being.

On a side note, if you are wondering why I offer aromatherapeutic blends, I was actually one of the first pioneers in Denmark to teach aroma therapy back in the 90ties, when aromatherapy was mostly unheard of, and that indeed became the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

Connect with me

If you like to connect with me, to learn more about my programs, and see which one is the right for you,
I offer a 30 minutes complimentary discovery call.

Click here to send me a message, and I will get back to you so that we can schedule a call.

Ps. Did I mention that I would love to write my own mantra songs, and that am presently practicing
a few chords on the Ukelele, mostly when I'm away in my "back to nature" tiny hut in the south of Zealand
the life of a creative being is never limited to just one passion!


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