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Is your desire to have more emotional freedom and flow in your life?

You want to feel free to get your soul work out of your heart and into the world,

Be that i.e. as an artist, writer, or holistic practitioner.

If that's your desire, then you've come to the right place.

It's exactly why I've created the REMIND w/Michala membership club,

which though a set of carefully selected

mental and somatic practices will help you release your inner barriers to success,

and improve your energetic and emotional well-being.

How is REMIND w/Michala different?

A Holistic approach

the REMIND model is build on the premise that true personal transformation is CYCLICAL in nature and that it takes place from the inside out.

It's a simple model for SELF-COACHING, and you will be able to coach yourself,

based on its 3 principles that have been carefully designed to help you align with your authentic self. 

Most importantly, the REMIND model also provides suggested daily practices that will help you 
clear out any resistance that you may be hindering you from getting your soul-work out in the world.

the REMIND Model

Group Support

Even thought the REMIND model is a great

tool for self-coaching, you will also benefit

from getting the support that you need 

from like-hearted people.

The REMIND FB group provides for a very safe space to share your stories and support each other in expressing our true, authentic selves.

  It is by sharing your stories with like-hearted people that true transformation begin to take place.

You can bring any questions that you have to the group, and also make ask for support during our monthly group calls.

The REMIND Model build on 3 core principles:

1. Calling yourself home

2. Calling yourself forth

3. Process as you go


Marian, Meditation teacher

"The REMIND w/Michala group coaching program gave me a big energetic boost and helped me clear out some of my old stories.

I gained the clarity that I needed for me to establish a better balance for my solopreneur business and personal life.

As a sensitive person, I truly appreciated the small group which enabled everyone to share their stories, without any kind of judgement. The sharing was very transformative, and by the end of the course, I realized just how much I had missed being in a community of like-minded people.

Reina, Artist

"I am very happy with the “Mentoring your inner child” session with Michala as part of the REMIND w/Michala program.


She gently guided me to make a deep connection with my inner child, creating a safe space for me to witness and hear that part of myself, without any judgment.


By the end of the session I noticed that a lot of energy had been set free.


It was as if a dark cloud that had settled deep down in my belly, without me really knowing it, cleared up.


I experienced pure innocence again. Nowadays it makes me feel more at ease with sharing the art that I make with the world."

Pia Edberg, Author of 

the Cozy Life With Hygge

"I loved doing the ON TRACK map, it got me thinking in all the corners of my brain that I don't normally go.

The intuition section was eye-opening for me, I think I found that while I don't have trouble listening or identifying it, my biggest obstacles are 'doing' the things, because of fears around hurting or disappointing others because my ideas/decisions might be a bit unexpected/unconventional or something like that. Very interesting.

The Power is in the PAUSE

        Establish Daily Doable Practices to keep your energetic well-being on track 

               A big part of the REMIND w/Michala program is all about establishing DAILY, DOABLE PRACTICE,              which will help you experience more BALANCE and ENERGETIC WELL-BEING in your personal life,

as well as your solopreneur business.

       For example spending time in nature, taking on a creative practices, and keeping a healthy stimulus balance,
 these are all practice that will help your self-regulate and stabilize your nervous system. 

You might even want to give yourself a break and do a REMIND retreat


         In the end, it's not about doing more, it's about slowing down,

and doing less,  yet at the same time get the results that you want!

 Want to feel EMOTIONALLY Free?

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